Your exterior most times defines your personality since it’s the first impression for everyone at your homes. In short, it summaries who you are. As its already proven that modern and contemporary exterior house designs are becoming the most popular each day for house owners and those intending to own houses, J Flower.Com Ltd stands to provide unique modern and contemporary house facades for our clients. We are trans generational through study and exposure when it comes to the designing world.

J Flower.Com Ltd offers a full and detailed exterior house design service like;

  • planning of a house finishing concept
  • selection and application of finish designs for house elevation, facade, gate and fence
  • selection and application of modern paint designs for houses
  • selection and application of finishing materials likes cladding stones, slate stones, wood, granite etc.

supply of exterior house products like; modern gates, modern fence grills, Windows & Doors.



J Flower.com Ltd architect generates 3D pictures that we present to our client showing how we intend to uplift the front elevation of his or her house which we later apply on the house to give it fabulous finish distinct from the neighboring houses.

Own your design and have a unique face impression with an outstanding flair designed by professional exterior house designers.

Let’s guide you in selection of designs for your wall units, best color and paint material for your walls, required lighting in your area, installation of photos, shelves and decors onto walls and selecting best furniture matching your house



J Flower.Com Ltd gives your house a modern and contemporary front view to an appealing welcome look for visitors. No matter the topography your house is constructed on, our artistic touch leaves it like a paradise. Own a look worth your pay.



J Flower.Com Ltd exterior designing team selects the best design that match the design of your house while constructing a gate house for your home. After construction of the gate house, we then install the best gate design that match your house.



Our designing team and experienced painters carry a wonderful job of painting walls colors that make your premise outstanding from the rest. We give your premise a coat that lasts for generations just worthy your budget to give you maximum satisfaction.



Our fully dedicated team is ready to help you out to select and fix the best material the will much with the outdoor environment increasing on the beauty of your premise. Covering exterior walls gives them additional life span to last for generation without direct exposure to weather changes. We cover walls with beauty and strength to serve purpose for generations.