We offer fully scaled landscape service to our customers giving them various ideas initially from planning till implementation of ideas on ground to produce an outstanding piece of residential or commercial landscape. We are one stop shop center for all landscaping service.


  • Landscape Planning
  • Project Management
  • Garden Construction
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Hardscaping
  • Swimming Pool Construction

Landscape Planning.

Both our Landscape designer and Architect meet our customer to get briefing of the project. We listen and share possible ideas with our customer which we turn into visual plans that we present to the client for approval. Since this is the heart of any landscape, we spend quality time and skills to produce the best landscape that meets our customer’s taste.

Project Management

We monitor and supervise our client’s project from concept development, physical establishment up to a fully complete project ready to used. This is one of our projects located in Nabingo. We managed it from foundation to completion.

Garden Construction

We construct all types of gardens to meet the needs of our customers. We do construct tropical, rock, revolutionary and cottage gardens. Our experience in construction of gardens in trending and traditional designs is top assurance to our customers of quality work. We construct the garden starting from foundation by building retaining walls, prepare planting area with manure and vegetable soils, finish wall surfaces, install garden features like; fountains, irrigation systems, streams and ponds, patios and gazebos, lights etc. plant lawn and plants. That’s the simple process of archiving a function and distinct garden.

Ever Green Lawn

The Rock Garden

Irrigation System Installation


The Tropical Garden

Patio Construction

Gazebo Construction

Garden maintenance

Our maintenance services fall into three main categories.

  1. Full regular service
    We can look after everything from cutting grass, maintaining plants, seasonal bedding schemes and leaf clearance allowing you to just relax and enjoy your garden.
  2. Lawn service
    Let us carry out your seasonal lawn care. We will provide you with a program of regular visits to weed, cut edges, aerate, repair, reseed, scarify and top dress your lawn with the correct products to suit your lawn conditions
  3. Pruning
    Hedges, shrubs and trees require pruning at some point. Lawns require some light especially with some grass and to enable this, tree canopies need to be reduced. In our maintenance package, we assess your garden and give you a schedule for carrying out these tasks.

In today’s competitive business environment, first impressions count and we ensure that your detailed installed landscape reflects your taste of aesthetic beauty of your home or the professionalism of your organization.

J Flower.Com Ltd operate dedicated grounds maintenance team with supervisor, gardeners and on many occasions hire casuals depending on set timelines and work load. We offer dedicated teams to maintain private,
institution or organization gardens. Our maintenance team is passionate about plants and gardens. We understand how important your garden is to you and that why we treat each garden individually and believe good communication with our clients is the key to a successful maintenance service.

Garden Maintenance is not just about mowing grass and weeding borders; it is the highly skilled process of nurturing and guiding a garden with foresight as it develops. We service a variety of sites requiring a wide range of expertise, experience, horticultural knowledge and equipment usage ranging from private, institution or organization gardens.


We ensure that your landscape remains outstanding when it comes to the selection of materials that we use for driveways, walkways, parking areas, patios, retaining walls and decks. Our team ensures that the materials are properly checked to ensure quality and strength of materials before we install them onto the walls and ground. J Flower.Com Ltd has skilled laborers dedicated to practically design your space with any material giving your foot a perfect surface to tread.

Parking areas made using pavers, slate stones and stamped concrete.

Walkways made using wood, concrete ground tiles, gravel and pebbles.

Patio floors

Patio Decks

Retaining wall finishing

Swimming pool and Jacuzzi designing

Is swimming your hobby and you are tired of moving long distances to swim, here is a chance to own yourself a swimming pool and swim at your convenience. We design and construct both commercial and residential swimming pool of all sizes and shapes to give you a perfect and fresh swim.