Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of trade

  • We work from Sunday up to Friday. Saturday we rest and strictly no trade will be done on this day cause are off.
  • As a client you’re the right to terminate or stop the work in case you not satisfied with work being done. This can only happen after talks in office and justification from that the work being done is not worth.
  • Clients with dogs are requested to lock them in to avoid disorganization during the working time.
  • No payment is allowed without notification of the office and the outcomes, the office will not be concerned.
  • Client has a right to report a lost or damaged of property with proof of ownership, then the matters shall be settled between the client and J Flower.Com.
  • Client is advised to report to office in case of any allergies to office. This will help us to formulate a better method of working at your home.
  • Extra work is chargeable in case of any divergence from the assigned work from the client. And in case you (client) fill like an addition or subtraction of any work program, you (client) have to let the office aware of this decision.
  • Client is expected to pay your bills at the end of month and at least 7 days from last month. This will help us to provide better service to you (client.)
  • All charges are determined after surveying the site or premises.
  • Special care of some plants will incur an extra cost.
  • We will be pleased working with you and expect a lot from us.